It's time to enable an awesome customer experience

Omnicus gather all interactions across different channels: email, chat, social media and phone. Then present it in one unified interface.

Creating customer delight

Modern customer service channels customer feedback and requests from a lot of different touchpoints. This results in broken streams, dissatisfaction and potential loss of relations.

Omnicus leads information to its destined target. Omnicus is a powerful cloud-based tool for handling sudden bursts of activity that would normally paralyze important functions of a modern customer support centre.

By smart resource allocation, Omnicus provides efficient handling of large amounts of traffic without loss of information.

Omnicus ensures that the resources of the customer support are used the way it is meant.

What you gain

Digital services are often perceived as similar up to the point of personal contact. The customer seeks support when something has occurred, it is a critical stage in the customer relation. The contact is the point when the uniqueness of the service is experienced. Or missed.

Rationalizing for a more efficient customer support.
Savings on manpower, focus on competence.
The possibility of integrating additional and new services.
Increased competence, better availability for customer.

How it works

When tweets, FB-messages, phone calls, e-mails and sms’ start pouring in, staff is generally locked into handling the queues instead of using their competence to solve problems. Omnicus senses when external events occur, and reacts proactively, notifying the customer.

Integration of machine learning and smart tech allows for future additions and service development options. Handling appointments, status checks, assigning resources, routine communication, these are all examples of possible modules. With the gathering of data that Omnicus makes possible we seek to build a machine learning engine.


Who are we

A Norwegian startup with a strong backbone.

Experienced entrepreneurs with a successful track record.

Broad experience, strong relations base and potential customer pool.

Eivind Jonassen
Co-founder and CEO
Glenn Larsen
Co-founder and Senior Developer

Omnicus AS

VAT: 917 259 666

c/o Spaces Kvadraturen

Tollbugata 8 A and B

0152 Oslo


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