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Why Chatbots are the Secret Ingredient

chatbot Eivnd Jonassen -

What is a chatbot? A chatbot is a service that automates your interactions with your audience and customers. By using rules or even artificial intelligence to some degree, it...

5 Reasons You Should be Talking About Shared Inboxes

Shared Inbox Eivnd Jonassen -

Workers spend more than 4 hours a day checking email. Email isn’t dead. According to Adobe Digital Insight’s, time spent with email is up 28% since last year.

Chatbots, A.I. and Self-Service: How to Integrate and Offer Support Day or Night

chatbot Nicholas McAuliff -

Ever heard of chatbots?

Deliver a Quality Customer Experience

SaaS Nicholas McAuliff -

The customer experience, or direct interaction a customer has with your company, determines whether said customer returns. This has the largest impact on your overall bottom line. Therefore, consider developing...

Pay-As-You-Go, Cancel, Upgrade and More with a Cloud-Based Solution

SaaS Nicholas McAuliff -

You are looking for a solution that works fast, and offers flexibility. You want a solution that gives you options, but doesn’t tie you down. You want a solution that...

Cost-effective customer service software that optimizes your budget

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff -

How much will it cost?

Customer Service Skills: What You Need To Master

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff -

In this post, we will dive deeper into the realm of customer service and explore some specific skills. Our last post detailed how to talk to customers, and included...

The Gift of Gab: How To Talk And Be Nice To Customers

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff -

Customer service is a skill. Some industry veterans may even argue that it is an art, similar to sales. Whatever the case, like any skill it requires time, experience, and...

Cloud-based customer service for the small business

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff -

We have covered the benefits of cloud-based contacts centers vs. call centers. We have also reviewed how the former is generally more cost-effective and mobile. Are there cases where a...

Free e-book: The Customer Knows Best And So Do You

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff -

Customer service is changing. Today’s customer demands instant response times and accurate information. The use of A.I. like chatbots is starting to become the norm. A plethora of self-service options...

Data Analysis and Customer Service

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff -

Data analysis in customer service is a topic that we have lightly touched upon. Here, we will go into more detail. We will explore different types of data analysis, and...

Top 7 Tools for Running your Business Online - Anywhere, Anytime

Startup Eivnd Jonassen -

A few days ago, I sat with my colleague and discussed the different tools that we use on a daily basis. We also discussed how “lucky” we are to have...

Optimal Help Desk Solutions for the SMB

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff -

We’ve covered the help desk in detail. We’ve shown you why you need an integrated help desk, and what it can do for your larger CRM. Now, we’ll...

Mobile Apps and Customer Service

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff -

Twenty years ago, mobile phones were a rarity. They were bulky, cumbersome and limited at best. The thought of utilizing them for customer service was laughable.

Know Your Response Times

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff -

Response times make a big difference, and there’s real data to back that up. Every customer that reaches out for service wants their issue solved fast.

3 Innovative Ways to Enhance Customer Loyalty

Contact Center Nicholas McAuliff -

Offering fast and efficient customer service is one thing. Constantly providing fresh ways to enhance the experience is another. By doing so, you strengthen already established customer loyalty. Utilizing the...

Contact Center Security: Your First Priority

Contact Center Nicholas McAuliff -

A 2015 study by the Ponemon Institute found that 47% of data breaches are caused by malicious or criminal attacks.

5 Keys to Powerful Contact Center Management

Contact Center Nicholas McAuliff -

Without the right management, your contact center will not run at peak performance. Great contact center management leads to a great experience for the customer. However, poor management means your...

Supercharge Your Help Desk

Help Desk Nicholas McAuliff -

Customers have multiple channels to choose from when communicating with a company. How a business decides to use their help desk to complement these options is crucial. It’s a business’s...

Superior Customer Service: The Path to Business Growth

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff -

Customer service is more complex today than ever before. Cloud-based contact centers have offered businesses the perfect solution for the ongoing challenges of customer service. The realm of contact center...