The fact that everyone involved has an overview of all incoming mail and that everyone has the opportunity to see which ones are answered, and not least what's been answered - makes it all a lot easier.

Omnicus' shared inbox works great for us and it’s something we will continue to use going forward.

Terje Klungland, General Manager

About CoWorx

CoWorx opened their doors in March 2016 as a privately run entrepreneurial house and coworking space in the center of Kristiansand. They offer affordable and flexible office facilities in a pleasant work community with other entrepreneurs and startups.

CoWorx has collaborative agreements with entrepreneurs in Berlin, Hamburg, Barcelona, Sofia and Capital Factory in Austin, Texas.

An important ambition for CoWorx is to stimulate innovation and growth for the entrepreneurial environment in southern Norway - also in a national and international context!

Using a shared login resulted in multiple replies

CoWorx have four people that responds to incoming email and it was often a mess. No one had control over who answered what email, and it often resulted in answering the same email two or three times.

The switch to a shared inbox from Omnicus

After the switch to Omnicus' shared inbox, they have full control and they are quite pleased with the offering.

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