We are so pleased with using a shared inbox from Omnicus after we’ve moved sales@, support@, etc to a shared inbox. In short, Omnicus added our support staff a significant qualitative boost through full overview and highly effective interaction.

We are very satisfied!

Jan Petter Bjerke, Customer Success
Protekt IT

About Protekt IT

Protekt IT was established in 2010 due to a very high demand to deliver a wide range of high quality services. They have continued to grow and established themselves as a complete solution provider of IT services across Norway.

Their vision is to provide you with user-friendly and customized solutions at a competitive price, which will make your digital life easier.

Using a shared login was difficult

In their day to day tasks Protekt IT experienced difficulties to stay on top of every email sent to their dedicated teams via email.

They used a shared login for support@, sales@, etc that ended up with everyone on CC’s or BCC’s to keep up with customer communication. The outcome was that it was difficult to follow up on every email and be sure that their customers had a good experience.

The switch to a shared inbox from Omnicus

Protekt IT use Omnicus as their main platform for handling email requests from their customers.

The shared inbox makes assigning tasks easier, significantly reduces response time, and makes sure no messages slip through the cracks...

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