Shared inboxes

Forget shared logins and messy group emails.

Commit to a daily inbox zero, get lower response times and have full transparency across the whole team with shared inboxes.

Commit to a daily inbox zero

Emails sent to your shared inboxes like sales@, support@ is visible in a unified inbox that your whole team can access.

Handling the most important ticket first, and working your way down to obtaining inbox zero. No more forwards, cc’s or bcc’s.


Lower response times

Using a shared inbox will highlight the most important tickets first.

With a timestamp for each interaction, you’ll be able to stay on top and keep your customers happy.

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Promote transparency

When working in teams, you need transparency.

It could be quite frustrating when you do not have the full visibility of what’s going on with a customer.

It’s true in your business and it’s true when supporting your customers. Using shared inboxes can help solve this. Your whole team can get an overview of what’s going on, and can also learn from others.


Use canned replies

Using canned replies is also one of the biggest benefits with a shared inbox.

Everyone on your team can use the same templates.

When using canned replies you can ensure the team always respond in a efficient way, and with a good tone of voice for your common questions.


Faster on-boarding of employees

When using shared inboxes, it’s easier to onboard new employees to your support team.

Your goal is to help them get started fast, let them see what’s happening with the company and how work gets done.


Solving the world’s
customer support challenges

At Omnicus we’re solving the world’s customer support challenges. Okay, maybe not the whole world, but definitely one of your main sources for customer contact at the moment.

We’d love you to test out our shared inbox, we’ll actually give you 3 years of lifetime subscription just to try it out (limited-time offer). And it’s very easy to use.

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